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United Gamma NDT & Engineering Company Limited

(Company Registration Number & Date – 2331/2012-2013, 11 Sept 2012)

Our United Gamma NDT & Engineering Co., Ltd has been a registered national private technological services company legally incorporated under the existing laws of the government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar since 2012. United Gamma NDT & Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the Corporate Member Campanies (CMCs) of Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) and the Republic of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI). Founder & Managing Director is a member of Myanmar Society of Mechanical Engineers (MSME) and serving as a Co-Chair of Railway Engineering Technical Division at M.E.S. We are running as a 100% National owned company and actively working for NDT Technology propagation by cooperating with regional and international institutions in both Human Resource Development and services. Former registered United Gamma NDT Inspection Services Co., Ltd. extended in services of engineering with the new registered name United Gamma NDT & Engineering Co.,Ltd in 2015.




Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is the testing of materials to detect internal and surface defects or discontinuities using methods which do not damage or destroy the material under test. NDT methods are utilized in the various industrial fields for quality assurance of serviceability.


Our Services

We offer complete solution to the following services.
Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) & Visual Testing (VT)
Expert NDT/ Metals Witness
NDT Methodology Procedures and Manuals
NDT Certified and Qualified Testing Services
NDT Technician and Inspector Training
Professional Engineer (MPE) Services ; Load Test and Certification of Machineries
Concrete Inspection UPV (Strength) Test, Rebound Hammer Test , Rebar Scanner Test (Spacing & Depth Detection)
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • To detect the surface & internal defects by using Ultrasonic Waves
  • To test the material thickness measurements
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • To detect the surface and sub-surface defects by using the electromagnetic field
Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • To detect the open surface cracks by using Dye Penetrant.
Radiography Testing (RT)
  • To detect the surface & internal defects by Mega Voltage X-ray, Gamma (Γ) ray.
Leak Testing (LT)
  • To detect the leakage by using vacuum boxes.
Radiation Protection & Safety Consultancy Services
  • To provide Radiation Protection & Safety Program for X-ray machines and Gamma (Γ) sources.
Class room & Online NDT Training Services
  • To provide Training Certificates for NDT Level I, II Courses, & Level III Exam Preparation Courses.

Our Key Persons


Engr. U Htain Lin Oo (P.E,A.C.P.E)
Managing Director
BE (Mechanical), D.M.A, MBA
ASNT NDT Level III (ID #241690)
Welding Engineer (JWES/Fed.MES)
Welding Assessor (NSSA)


Daw Hla Hla
Executive Director
BE (Mechnical), PE (NA/ME), ACPE (Mechnical)


U Tin Win
Chief Engineer
BE (Mechanical)(Rg.2162/1972)


U Saw Tun Bwa
Senior Engineer
A.G.T.I (EP)


U Maung Maung Aye
Chief Lecturer/Trainer
BE (Mechanical), A.G.T.I (MT)


U Myint Thein
Senior Lecturer/Trainer
BSc (Physics), Dip in Mechanic

U Tun Shein
Senior Instructor
AGTI(Mechanical Power), Welding Engineer(JWES/Fed.MES)
MDT Inspector (Level II) (ASNT-SNT-TC-1A)

U Maung Maung Gyi
General ManagerBE(Electrical Power)

Our Capability

Our company is founded in partnership form by the experienced members who are graduates of Yangon Institute of Technology and Yangon Institute of Economics. An NDT professional, a certified technician of IAEA. NDT Level III (UT,RT,MT,PT) and Level II Worldspec Organization, is the leader of the service team. We provide the international standard complete services through our customers’ satisfaction. We have had vast NDT experiences during the following sectors: Marine, Oil & Gas, Railways, Bridges, Steel Structures, Power Plants, Science & Technology and etc.

Personnel & Teams

  • NDT Level III (UT,RT,MT,PT), IAEA, ISO-9712, ASNT
  • Radiation Protection for officer (PRO) Certificate, IAEA
  • NDT Level II (UT, RT, MT), ISO 9712, NAS 410, ANSI/ASNT CP-105-2006 and CP-189, ASNT-SNT-TC-1A
  • RT,UT,MT,PT,VT Teams with experienced supervisors & OSHE Representatives
  • IIW Welding Engineer (WPS & VT)
  • M&E, Design, Construction & Steel Structures

NDT Equipment

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & Thickness Measurement Gauge (USA)
  • Electromagnetic Yoke (Parker Contour Probe, USA)
  • UV Lamp & Accessories
  • Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Aerosol Cans
  • IIW Calibration Blocks
  • X-ray Machine & Accessories
  • Vacuum Boxes & Accessories

Awarded NDT Certificates

IAEA (TECDOC-628, ISO 9712)
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level I, II, III
  • Radiography Testing Level I, II, III
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Level I, II, III
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I, II, III
  • Radiation Protection for Officer Course Certificate
  • Design, Implementation and Management of Radiation Protection and Safety Program in Industrial Radiography Course Certificate(MINT)
Worldspec Online NDT Training
(ISO-9712, NAS-410, ANSI/ASNT CP-105-2006 and CP-189)
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level I,II
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Level I,II
  • Radiography Testing Level II

Track Records of United Gamma NDT & Engineering Co.,Ltd.


  • Steel Fabrication Plant, Thaketa,
    Pile Joints Test (PT)
  • Traders Square Office Tower Project
    (Sule Shangri-La)(UT)
  • Mingalar Sumbiri Factory Project
    Steel Structure Joints (MT)
  • Welded Steel Tanks Joint Inspection (RT & UT,PT)
  • Sedona Hotel Expansion Project
    Chilled Water Pipes Joints (MT)
  • Pipe Pile Splicing Joint Inspection
    Pansodan Jetty Construction Site(UT)
  • Steel Structures Rafter Joints Inspection
    Wood Factory Construction (MT)
  • Steel Structures Rafter Joints Inspection
    Dormitory Construction (MT)
  • Kettl Shell Inspection (UT,MT)
  • Sky Roof Column Base Plates & H-Beam Inspection (MT)
    The G.E.M.S Garden Condo
  • Gas Pipe Line Joints Inspection (MT)
    Sedona Hotel Expansion Project
  • Precast Pile Splicing Joints Inspection(PT)
    (J & M Steel Solutions Factory Extension Project)
  • Public work , base workshop (south) YWAMA, Insein
    Magnetic particle test on weld joints of casing driver
  • Han Sein Thant engineering company Limited
    Magnetic particle test on weld joints of DMA 5-4 mild steel Ø 4” pipes
  • HTH group construction company limited
    Megnetic particle test on weld joint of guide column casing & guide frame
  • Moon Sun construction & service company limited
    Magnetic Particle Test on Weld Joints of Steel Roof Trusses
  • Shwe Myint Thaw company Limited
    Yankin education college teacher housing project
  • Myanmar Summit INT’L engineering company limited
    Magnetic Particle test on weld joints of Flanges
  • Royal Ayeyar company limited
    North Dagon Fire Station , Staff Housing
  • Yoma Link company limited
    Thanlyin technological university staff housing building project
  • Haw Nan Thar Company Limited
    B.E.H.S No.(8), Wartayar Village, Shwe Pyi Thar Township, Yangon
  • Yadanar Shwe Poe Eain Construction Company Limited
    B.E.P.S No.(29), Gant Gaw Street, Shwe Pyi Thar Township, Yangon
  • Eleven Kant Kaw Construction Company Limited
    B.E.P.S No.(42), Hlaing Thar Yar, Yangon
  • Just-In-Time construction company Limited
    Thanlyin Technology university dinning hall building project
  • IME construction company limited
    The Leaf Residence Project


  • Boiler Welding Seams Inspection (UT,RT)
  • Ship Hull Plates Inspection (UT)
  • Ship Hull and Fore Castle Plates Inspection
  • Ship Hull Plates Inspection
  • Ship Transform Plate Inspection RV Sanctuary Ananda (UT)
  • HTOO 3 Tug Boat, Hull Plates Inspection (UT)
  • HTOO 8 Barge, Hull Plates Inspection (UT)
  • MANN AUNG Vessel Hull Plate Inspection (UT)
  • Marine Engine Parts Inspection (Yadana Theinkha)
  • RV G-Cruise, Ship Hull Plates Inspection (MT)

Oil & Gas

  • I Beam Inspection, Offshore, Zawtika
    WP2, M9(UT)
  • Crankshaft Inspection (MT)
  • Pontoon/Jetty Construction Project
    Thakaeta MOGE Offshore Base
    (WPS, VT, RT, PT, MT, UT)
    UT Inspection of Weld Joints
    Magnetic Particle Testing Inspection of Weld Joints
    Magnetic Particle Testing Inspection of Weld Joints
    UT Inspection of Weld Joints of HDD Hlaing River (Yoe Lay) Crossing Gas Pipeline (Ø14”)


  • Steel Bridge Grider Joint Inspectioin (MT)
  • Myay Ni Gone Fly Over Steel Plate Girder Joints(UT)
  • Box Girder Joints Inspection, Thuwana Bride
    Ngamoeyeik) (RT&UT)
  • Steel Plate Girder Joint Inspection
    Nat Ta Linn Bridge Construction Site (UT)
  • Steel Plate Girder Joint Inspection
    U Ru Chaung Bridge Construction Site (UT)
  • Steel Apron & H-Beam Joints Inspection (UT)
  • HTH group construction company limited
    Megnetic particle test on weld joint of temporary metallic Bridge
  • Sun Moon engineering & trading company limited
    Khayan stream crossing bridge
  • GLK-TECH company limited
    Magnetic Particle test on weld joints of connection bridge


  • Steam Locomotive Engine
    Flywheel Block Test (UTM)
  • Locomotive Engine
    Flywheel Block Test (UTM)
  • BS 75R Steel Rail Inspection (UT)
  • Steam Locomotive Boiler, Thickness (UT)

Power Plants

  • Gas Turbine Inlet Pipes Inspection
    Thaketa Power Plant(UT)
Conducted NDT Training Courses for Class room & Online
NDT Training Course Candidate Time
Online UT 1&2, MT2 & RT2 1PAX Nov 2012 to Mar 2013
Online UT 2, RT2 1PAX July 2013 to July 2014
Class Room UT1 5PAX Mar 2014 to June 2014
Class Room MT2, PT2, UT2 1PAX May 2014 to Present
Class Room UT2, MT2, PT2 3PAX Aug 2014 to Sept 2014
Class Room UT2, MT2, RT2 4PAX 15 Oct to 9 Nov 2014
Class Room UT1 & 2 7PAX 9th Feb 2015 6Mar 2015
Class Room UT1 10PAX 9th Mar 2015 17 Mar 2015
Class Room UT1&2 2PAX 22 Apl 2015 to 30 Apl 2015
Class Room UT1&2 3PAX 22 Apl 2015 to 30 Apl 2015
Class Room UT1&2 3PAX 26 Oct 2015 to Present
Seminars & Presentations
Time Place Title
6 Nov 2012 Ministry of Science & Technology Industrial NDT Applications
1st June 2012 Myanma Railways NDT Application for QA/QC
Oct 2013 Metallurgical Department, YTU Introduction to NDT Techniques
21 Feb 2014 Myanma Port Authority (TheinByu) NDT Applications for QA/QC
15 July 2014 Locomotive Workshop, Pazundaung Introduction to NDT Techniques
22 Dec 2014 HTOO Cement Plant (Pyi Nyaung) NDT Applications for QA/QC
23 Dec 2014 No(2) Steel Mill, (Pang Pet) MOI NDT Applications for QA/QC
14 June 2015 Myanmar Engineering Society Applied NDT in construction industry and Incoterms 2011

Processess & Products Show, 2014 at Myanmar Engineering Society 10 to 12 Jan 2014